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About Us


Dating someone else’s sloppy seconds is not great for your reputation, however, buying their textbooks is completely acceptable. Time is of value to university students. There is no time to stand in long queues, only to be told that steep commissions are charged. So what is stopping you from using an online platform, accessed from the comfort of your bed or where you should actually be (in class), to buy and sell second-hand textbooks? Textbooks will be the least of your worries this semester.


Three NMMU students looking for more than just a qualification decided to make the student life easier for others. Launched in June 2015 with the vision of being every student’s go-to destination when buying or selling second-hand textbooks, Sloppy Seconds Textbooks aims to establish a strong online presence in the realm of e-commerce.

How it WORKS

Sloppy Seconds Textbooks relies on YOU to keep the initiative alive. There would be no need for us if it weren’t for the hard-working students of South Africa. To keep it simple, you ① register online ② post a listing for a textbook you want to sell OR ③ find a textbook you want to buy and communicate with the seller. Done.